You know how you take a bunch of really great pictures, edit them and then leave them on your computer to sit and not be shared with anyone?  That’s how I treated all of our photos from the 4th of July.  Whoops.

Wearing his Captain America tshirt (that Momma made), Marvel superhero shorts (that Momma made) and cape (that Momma made)…here is our son: Thor.  Or at least that’s who he claims to be when he’s wearing a cape and carrying a hammer.  It’s great, it truly is.  His imagination never ceases to amaze me.

I am literally dying to get some family photos of the three of us.  DYINGGGGGGGGGG.  As much as we appreciate our friends being willing to snap a shot of us when we throw our cameras in their direction, it’s not the same as having some candid shots done by a pro.  I’m hoping that my bestie Britnee can squeeze us in while we are in Michigan for my 10-year reunion.  (Brit claims not to ‘be a professional photographer’ but she’s totally a professional.  She just doesn’t like labels, I’m thinking.)

Eddie was sweet enough to get some shots of the sweaty trio that is our family on the 4th.  Of course Louis wasn’t totally willing to follow directions and smile for the camera.  I’ve heard that children of photographers are actually the worst to get pictures of because they’re tired of having the camera in their faces.  Is that true?  If so – we’ve got some work cut out for us.  Because I’m not going to quit taking a million-bazillion pictures of Lou.  It just won’t happen.