Maybe I should make this my ode to gDiapers.  Or perhaps my ode to baby Louis.  Both things are practically no-longer in our household.  Sigh.

Louis is officially in big boy underwear.  We decided not to push the potty training thing on him until he was ready.  Two months before his 3rd birthday hit, somehow he’s decided that it is the perfect time to make the switch.  I’m so proud and so weepy at the same time.

Here’s my advice to other parents out there (but you’re more than welcome to ignore me if you’d like): Let your kiddo decide when he/she is ready for the potty.  Don’t force them into something they’re not emotionally/physically ready for.  They will eventually get there.  I promise.  Ignore the fact that your friend/neighbor/coworker/second cousin potty trained their child at 18-months.  Who cares?  Kids like to do things on their own time.  A potty is an emotional step toward non-babyhood and I think that they want to stay little as much as we want them to. 

We’ve had a toilet in our house for a pretty long time now.  Some days, Louis would excitedly sit on it and pretend to go potty.  Some days, he would scream and cry as if the mere mention of it was the most horribly awful thing a person would ever suggest to him.  We never forced it upon him, just had it there and suggested his using of it every so often.  If he said no, that was that.  One day after his bath, I asked if he wanted to put on some Batman underwear that we had in his closet.  I was certain the answer would be no.  Instead, he was very excited and wanted to put them on.  The same undies that I’d offered to him about 45 other times.  The timing was right, apparently.

We’ve had little-to-no accidents since we started this new step in parenting/growing up.  Of course at night he wears a diaper until he’s ready to handle the next step.  I am so proud of my little guy I could squeal.  I’ve also never had so many celebrations over pee and poo in the potty before.  I do it every day and no one gives me a round of applause (sometimes followed by a treat).  What the heck?

But seriously.  I used to D-I-E over gDiapers and Lou’s cloth bum.  I never thought I’d squeal so much over little boy undies.  We even have some that are single-colored Hanes with the name on the outer band.  GAH.  So freaking cute.  And to think I used to think only little girls’ clothes were adorable.  There’s basically nothing sweeter nowadays than seeing Louis’ adorable, long legs right below a Spiderman pair of undies while he’s running around playing Hungry Birds.

This parenting gig is pretty fulfilling and fun.