I wish I could have one of those blogs that is full of humor and wisdom and “this is why I’m barely surviving life/parenting/work but it’s okay because I’ve found a way to be hysterical about it”.  But I can’t.  I have one of those annoying blogs that gushes about why life is grand and how cute I think my family is.  I’m sorry…but I’m not sorry. 

Not everything is sunshine and roses for us.  Sometimes I feel like the walls are closing in and I can’t breathe because I have too many aspirations and no ways to deal with them.  Or things are out of our control and we feel like sitting and wallowing in our own self pity for a while.  But without even trying, we are snapped out of it.

Because we are happy people and happy people don’t have time to live crappy lives.  We are spending too much of it rolling around on the floor, giggling with our son.

And when it rains, instead of being pissed because we can’t go outside to play for the 2039480965833049th day in a row, we splash our feet in the pools of water on the wet cement and pretend to be the superheros/gods controlling that weather.

Life is too short to live all “woe is me”.  Live the life you want to have.  We will never be rich in the monetary sense, I have never aspired to be that way.  We are rich in happiness.  And happiness doesn’t come by accumulating lots of crap.  It comes by looking at the bigger picture.