Oh my sweet little free-spirited child.  I hope you never want to do things because they’re “normal”.  You obviously don’t let your slightly obscure way of thinking and enjoyment get in your way now.  Don’t ever change.

I was trying to clean up and store the ball pit the other day and Louis caught eye of the container that holds the balls.  He immediately wanted to climb in it so he could complete his Angry Birds playing.  Yes.  He’s still ridiculously obsessed with Angry Birds.  Ugh.  At least he’s still using his imagination while playing that silly game?  Note the cape/hammer combo that would indicate his being “Thor”…while sitting in a mesh box.  Haha.

And then last night, he came barreling into the room and declared:

“I want to dance.  I want to dance in my underwear.”

I mean, what good mother could say no to that?  I of course helped him pull off his shorts, built him a shabby fort (to block out the sunlight) in the living room, turned on The Fresh Beat Band albums on my phone and then set the strobe light app to blink like mad.  Insta-dance party.

Sometimes a guy just needs to strip down to his undies and dance to the FBB.  You understand, right?