Browsing the internet and the world of memes, I’ve come to the realization that I’m not a part of the “in crowd”.  Wait.  I never have been.  Regardless, the whole “cat sensation” that is all over the interwebz is nuts.  NUTS!  Yeah, cats are kind of cute but I don’t really get it.

Dogs are so much better!  There.  I said it.  Especially our dogs.
Because Maeby and George Michael are the bees knees.

I remember when we first were pregnant with Louis and people kept asking us what we were going to do with our dogs when the baby came.  I was and still am baffled by the question.  What do you mean what are we going to do?  Kick them to the end of our bed instead of let them sleep between us, of course.  We’ve got to make room for the baby. 🙂

Do people really get rid of their fur children when they’re expecting a human child?  I can’t imagine not having Louis grow up with our sweet Maeby and semi-awkward George.  It’s Louis’ first lesson in life, in terms of learning to treat the world around him with compassion, care and respect.  Plus they’re so much fun to laugh at and climb on…

BTW – my TEN year reunion is tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe I walked out of those Reed City High School doors an entire decade ago.  I’m looking forward to seeing the (very few) people that are attending.  Smaller crowds are better, right?  More one-on-one time with everybody!!