Saturday was Louis’ 3rd birthday party – and it was pretty fantastic, if I may say so myself.  I think Louis and Bennett would probably agree as well.  The weather was great, company was amazing, food was delicious and everything went off without a hitch.  Pretty DINOmite, if you ask me!  (See what I did there?)

^^check out the sweet stylings of our dino-rific family.  We all had one-of-a-kind tshirts and Louis and I matched with my skirt/his shorts.  Giant dork of a family, right there.  Gotta love it.

First of all, we have to thank everybody that came out on Saturday to drink some beers (or lemonade!) with us and enjoy the nearing-end of summer celebration that we had in our little guy’s honor.  Louis loved every second of his party…even the mild-breakdowns over sharing/not-sharing toys wasn’t so bad. 

We wanted the party to be as fun as casual as possible so we didn’t plan any actual activities…or at least nothing organized.  We had a sandbox filled with dinosaur toys for a “dino dig”, a 4-foot tall T-Rex was ready to be pounced on at all times, water toys were available and of course our trusty red slide.  Thank goodness we thought to set up our canopy in the yard for the kiddos to play under.  It provided for shade from the glaring sun and slightly contained the littles into one area. 

Coming up with dinosaur decorations wasn’t actually that hard.  There are about a million websites that had inspiration from other parents that had thrown a similar party before.  We just put our own twist on things.  At first, I had an idea for a color scheme and then threw that out the window…a TON of bright colors are better than just a few, right?

The DINOculars were a huge hit with some of the kiddos.  And they were super easy to make too!  Two 5×7 pieces of Kraft paper turned into rolls and then stapled together.  And then I added ribbon for the neck strap and some washi tape for a little decoration.  Tada!  Masterpiece!

We kept the food pretty simple…just adding some dinosaur touches here and there.  It was separated by signs that read “carnivore”, “herbivore” and “dessertivore”.  The frames might look familiar to some of you…as I am obsessed with these little dudes.  And I’m super happy we found that dinosaur sandwich cutter because it made our PB&J sandwiches that much cuter!

The amazing Sarah from The Honey Hole (located in the Centre Market District in Wheeling, WV) made our cupcakes and Lou’s cake topper.  Not only was everything delicious but they were also crazy adorable.  EVERYBODY was swooning over them.  I wish you could have heard Louis squeal when he went with me to pick them up.  He was so excited about his dinosaur cake.  As was I.

Luckily there is a beer distributor nearby that carries one of Bennett’s favorite pale ales and we were able to get a keg of it to serve.  Our random collection of mason jars came in handy for the adults and we had bright & colorful {unbreakable} cups with straws and straw flags for the kiddos.  It was our intent to keep down the amount of garbage as much as possible and we thought it’d be better to minimize the tossing of cans/bottles/cups.  Works for me!

We didn’t write it on the invitations, but it looks like we had a party of “only cute kids allowed”.  Holy cow…our friends make beautiful babies, don’t they?  And they were all so well behaved!!

Louis blew out the candle before we could get to the end of the song.  It was a very Louis thing to do because he can’t seem to leave a flame alone.  Kiddo has GOT to blow it out.  Bennett lit it again so he could get a second go-round…that lighting didn’t last too long either. Haha.

I couldn’t have told people any more than I did that Louis didn’t need birthday presents, he’s got enough toys as is.  But obviously it didn’t matter that I said it because Super Louis was S.P.O.I.L.E.D. beyond belief.  If you can tell by my excitement, he got some really neat gifts.

Proud parent moment: After every present was opened, Louis went and thanked the gift giver.  Maybe he was coached into doing so.  And maybe we had to point him in the direction of the gifter.&
nbsp; But he still did it.  And was a champ and seemed incredibly grateful about every gift he received. 

The only thing better than new toys?  The boxes they come in!  It was true when I was a kid and it’s certainly holding true in the newer generations.  There’s nothing more fun than having a box fort.  It’s a fact.

(Enough pictures yet?  NEVER!!!)

This is one of the few pullback shots we got of the porch and all of the decorations.  I just love that “Happy Birthday Louisaurus” sign hanging in the back corner.  Unfortunately, it’s also a shot where I’m chugging my beer like a lush and being oblivious to the photographers around me.  Haha.  Whoops.

Can you believe that we are officially parents of a 3-year old?  WHAAAAAT?  Impossible!!  If you want a trip down memory lane for a hot minute…(Here) is his first appearance on the blog.  (Here) is his first laugh.  (Here) are his first steps.  (Here) is his first birthday party.  (Here) is one of my favorite videos of him, falling asleep while eating.  And (here) is a comic strip we made of him for his 2nd birthday – super hero style.

My heart is full.  (Do I say that too often?  Haha.)  It truly is.  Louis is developing into an amazing young man and he’s already finding friendships with some other incredible little people.  ::sob::  He’s growing up too quickly!

Some links to dinosaur party goodies:

Today is Louis’ actual birthday and I’m excited to get out of work and give him some extra birthday snuggles before the day is over.  Happy Birthday to my amazing, sweet, charming, creative, hysterical little one.  You’ve brightened every single life you’ve touched.  Especially mine.  Love you, kiddo.