Growing up, the Boltze family was the uuber stereotypical set-up: two parents, three kids all close in age, four dogs and a house in the woods.  I never thought much of it or considered how much the dynamics could change on me once I hit adulthood, but it did.  My parents split up and remarried and my definition of “stereotypical family” changed.  For the better, I’d have to say.  Now I fit into a true modern family kind of life…and although hard to adjust to at first, it suits my slightly eclectic life.

Now I am one of seven children, on my Dad’s side of the family.  (Still one of three on my Momma’s.)  The youngest of the seven is MaKale…whom has been talked about multiple times on here.  That blonde haired, blue eyed, wild child will always have a place in my heart, even if I have to watch my youngest brother grow up mostly through photos because of the distance between each other.

I love when Louis has the chance to spend time with his uncle.  Yep.  Uncle.  Lou has an uncle only a year and a half older than him.  But hey…it works.  I don’t think the kiddos understand but I don’t think that matters.  I’m not sure if MaKale understands that I’m his sister either but I think that only takes time to develop the understanding that we don’t have to live under the same roof to be siblings.

Dad and Ronette were able to watch Louis for us while Bennett and I went to my high school reunion last Saturday and I’m really glad that it worked out that way.  Lou and MaKale got a ton of playtime in and you could tell by how exhausted Louis was when we got home.  They play together so nicely and MaKale happily takes Louis under his wings whenever the younger of the two needs a little guidance/instruction in the newest activity they’ve chosen.

Hard to believe we share the same genes, right?  It’s not like I’m a giant ham, camera hog or goofball.  Not me.  Impossible…MaKale must have gotten his silliness from Ronette’s side of the family.

I’m very interested to see how Lou and Mac’s relationship evolves throughout the years.  A few years from now, their age difference will feel like nothing at all.  Right now, 1-1/2 years in development can sometimes be a giant gap but when they’re in their teens it’ll be nothing at all.  I predict a lot of shenanigans from these two.

It’s a shame that we have really plain, boring and unattractive children, right?