Remember when I talked about the Man-Eating Caterpillars that Louis wasn’t so fond of?  Move over, kinda-cute furry things.  There’s a new creepy crawly in town.  And they were here in SWARMS.  So.  Gross.

Enter: Millipedes.

We’ve lived in the same house since I was pregnant with Louis and we’ve seen our fair share of critters.  Snakes, bats (the first day we brought Louis home from the hospital we had a bat in our house), chimney swifts, mice, spiders, caterpillars…just to name a few. And of course, let’s not forget the millipedes!  They start showing their many-legged bodies around early June and really don’t leave us alone until the end of summer.  Or at least when the humidity dies down.  But I’ve seriously never seen it this bad before.

We are pretty convinced that it was a day for mating for these gross little things.  If you look closely, you can see that many of critters that look like single bugs are actually two, one on top of the other.  Almost perfect lined up.  I know it’s a natural part of life but could Mother Nature possibly take away millipede mating?  And maybe do-away with these nasty little bugs…if not just from my house?

If anything good came out of this, we made up a new word: milliorgy.  You’re welcome.

Now go away, millipedes!  No one wants you here!  (And take the mice with you!)