Today, I’ve got a serious case of Halloweenitis.  I freaking love Halloween because it’s an entire month of being ridiculously tacky it’s totally legit.  I mean really…spiders and pumpkins everywhere?  And being able to dress in silly costumes that are spewing with creativity?  Hello Katy Heaven!

In honor of the upcoming costume-riddled season, here is a mini-flashback from when my siblings and I were little tykes.  I had a hard time tracking down pictures of Sierra in costume.  Most likely it’s because she was a little hellion when she was younger and I’m sure she gave Mom & Dad a hard time about this too.  [Love you sis!]

My head is full of ideas for this year.  Now if I’ll be able to get any of them accomplished before October 31 arrives is another story.  But hey…I’ll make my best effort.  I’m thinking about bringing back a couple of items to my shop from years past and maybe bringing out a couple more shirt designs.

And no worries, I’ve been brainstorming how to make the costumes I want for our trio of McKinleys.  All I’ve got to say is that I hope it’ll be SUPER.  Wink wink.  My mom always made us the best homemade costumes and so far, I’ve epic failed Louis.  He wore a crocheted pumpkin hat for his first Halloween, was an adorable gnome for his second and wore Bennett’s Crayola crayon costume for last year’s trick-or-treating.

This year it. is. on.  I can’t fail him again.  (Okay…but last year’s was cute.  And Mary made that for Bennett when he was a toddling 2-year old so it totally counted as handmade and hand-me-down.  So maybe I’m off the hook for that one.)

Halloween, you and I are besties.  Let’s make it another good one.