Mountaineer Football has made it’s return.  Thank goodness.  I missed having something to yell at the TV about.

Before Louis, we were super football watchers.  Steelers, Mountaineers and random games in between weren’t missed and we didn’t do anything but drink, eat, watch and yell/cry/cheer.  After Louis, the actual act of game watching has become it’s own type of sport.  Trying to figure out how to maneuver around three-ish hours in front of a TV while a very active three-year old needs you to parent him isn’t the easiest act.  But we make it work as much as we can.

Our Saturday morning routine now includes donning as much blue & gold attire as possible before hitting the Farmer’s Market for some pepperoni rolls, jam and random vegetables that our CSA box didn’t include that week.  Not quite the same as it was while we were Morgantown college students, tailgating at the earliest possible hours…my how the times have changed. [No worries, we drank beers for the Mountaineers later on in the evening.  That part doesn’t get left out just because we are responsible people now.]

Something I didn’t miss about football?  The heartburn.

We could probably call go ahead and officially label it: Mountaineer Heartburn.
Doctors all over the country would have diagnosed it on Saturday night, as we watched some serious rookie mistakes happen with our newbies.  But hey, guess what?  I still freaking love WVU.  You can’t just love them when they’re up….you have to love them unconditionally.  The McKinley household does just that. 

So let’s just brush off the hurt and pain from a loss this weekend and move onto the next game.  Come on boys, I know you’ve got it in you!  And for goodness sakes….

Let’s gooooooo, Mountaineers!!

PS – Can all of the games be at 7:00 like it was this past Saturday?  I like having time to enjoy the gorgeous early fall-ish day without breaking it up with a game smack dab in the middle.  Seriously, let’s think about it.  I can’t be the only person that feels this way.  Noon games stink.