We are rounding out our 2013 weddings with two back-to-back weekends…both being the hitchings of two very close friends of Bennett’s from way back when.  This past Saturday was spent in Washington, DC at this crazy gorgeous hotel [Omni Shoreham Hotel] to watch Eric and Julie tie the knot.

Bennett and I attended and traveled without Louis for the first time since the kiddo entered our lives.  It was an epic blast, but we sure missed our little one.  He was back in Wheeling with Grand & Papa, probably having too much fun to even miss us.  He sure is spoiled by his grandparents!

It was a sweet, intimate and romantic wedding.  And super fun.  I will probably say the word “fun” too many times while I’m writing this but it’s the truth.  SO. FUN.  Some of Bennett’s closest friends from high school were in attendance (and their gorgeous ladies too!) and we drank, danced and laughed all night.

Oh…and of course I cried too.  Eric and Julie’s vows were so sweet and personal.  And the parent’s speeches always get me during the reception part too.  ESPECIALLY when the Momma gets up there to talk about her little boy growing into a man.  All I can think of is one day watching Louis marry the one he loves and me bawling into a microphone.  It will happen.

The food was incredible.  Seriously.  I never thought I’d be so excited about vegetable risotto but I was.  And the table settings were beautiful.  It was all wonderful.  We are very honored to have been in attendance.  Eric & Julie’s families were so welcoming to everyone, too.

I absolutely adore watching our friends fall in love, develop relationships and begin families.  It’s quite amazing.  You could just feel the love and joy that was radiating off of Julie and Eric.  They’ve both got some pretty sweet dance moves, too.  You should have seen them breaking it down during their entrance to the reception.

Some of the great things about a smaller wedding is (a) the intimacy and (b) the fact that your guests all tend to mingle with each other more.  Someone brought these stick on moustaches, asked me if I’d want to wear one and obviously the answer was yes!  Many drinks, dances and photographs later, the moustaches were well used and it was a fun ice breaker for the groups of friends that didn’t know each other before the wedding had begun that day.

Bennett and Eric went to high school together and were even roomies while at West Virginia University.  Basically, because we are all old farts now, they’ve been really good friends for forever at this point.  I’ve probably mentioned before how jealous I am of Bennett’s friendships.  Due to the fact that we are in the town he grew up in, these people (even if they don’t live in Wheeling) will always make it back at least for the holidays to visit their families.  We see his buddies much more than we see mine.  It’s great – because I am pretty sure I’ve been adopted into the Wheeling friend circle at this point.  But I’m still jealous.  I miss my girls from back home!

I must say, there were some really awesome dancers on Saturday.  Like…I didn’t even break into the middle of the floor during the spotlight dancing that always happens because they were totally kicking my butt in moves.  The older I get, the less cool my dancing gets.  It’s a lot of ‘white girl arms in the air and bouncing’ kind of movements.  Hey, it works for me.

Eric and Julie: Thank you so much for hosting such a gorgeous, *fun* and sweet wedding.  We love you both so much and wish nothing but the best for your next bazillion years of life together.  I’m sure you’re bound to have the perfect mix of gorgeous, sweet and nerdy children and I look forward to seeing you guys as soon as possible!

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