Drinking.  Every single possible beer that has the word pumpkin affiliated with it.  I’ve been doing this since they were early released in September and it’s going to keep happening until they stop being available.  But don’t think for one second that I’ve been drinking anything that hasn’t been made by a small brewing company.  Because we are self proclaimed beer snobs and won’t support the big guys…they’ve got enough people buying from them.  (Shoutout to New Holland Brewery, from the Mitten State!!)

Eating.  We made a pumpkin chili that was TO. DIE. FOR.  I’m thinking about sharing the recipe because it was delicious.  Just a hint of pumpkin and lots of beans.  Well…after I gave Bennett the stink eye for forgetting to put the two cans of kidney bean goodness that I had set aside for it.  Fact: Chili is not chili without beans.  Because I said so.

Watching.  This girl is so, so glad that the fall shows are back on air.  New Girl.  The Mindy Project.  Sons of Anarchy.  The League.  Parks & Recreation.  Hart of Dixie.  Thank you for letting my DVR fill with your drama filled goodness so I can have something to watch late at night while I am weeding vinyl for shirt orders.

Sewing. Lots of fun projects are being fit into my schedule.  I made two bowties for some dapper gentlemen (my husband and his friend Jimmy) to wear for a themed wedding on Saturday.  And I started and finished Louis’ Halloween costume.  I seriously couldn’t be prouder of myself than I am with this costume project.  From scratch, no pattern to follow and….it fits!  I probably won’t unveil the finished product photo to everyone until Halloween comes.  Plus, Bennett and I still have to get ours together so it’ll be better with the three of us as a whole.  So. Excited.

Planning. My method of attack on things.  House organization/cleaning/decorating.  Handmade Escapade’s holiday schedule.  Blogging.  Photos.  Christmas presents.  The works….everyone keep your fingers crossed and say a wish or two for me.  From now until the end of 2013 is going to be CRAZY.

Celebrating. My shop turns THREE years old tomorrow.  I simply cannot believe it!  I will be running a small giveaway in celebration…and maybe I can make this an excuse to eat some cake.  Handmade Escapade is basically another child of mine.  Louis wins the in the favorite child department, though.  Obviously.