I’ve been wanting to get family photos of the three of us for FOREVER now.  Schedule conflicts and basic lack of time (or wardrobe) made the planning difficult and we weren’t ready to hire one of our photographer friends just yet.  And then I had this genius idea: “Bennett!  We are photographers!  Let’s do this ourselves!”

Next time I have a “genius idea”, fire me.

I read several blogs by other photographers that gave suggestions on how to make it work.  Apparently their children are less sassy than ours.  Read: slouched shoulders, pouty look on his face and general sassy demeanor.  That would be my Louis.

Louis gets fixated on something and that’s all that he ever wants.  It’s hard to change his focus to anything else and it’s never what the vision we have for photos.  2011, he held a leaf the whole time.  Which was actually fine because it was fall.  Let’s chalk that one up to a “prop”.  2012, he basically cried when Suzanne (our fabulous photog friend) looked at or talked to him and held a laser pointer in his hands the entire time.  Laser pointer.  Not exactly something that can be passed off as a prop, haha.

2013?  He was upset that we couldn’t find his camera so he could take pictures too.  I still have no idea where it is right now, I’m sure a good house cleaning will rustle it up.  And then he dug through Daddy’s camera bag and found a ring flash, which he deemed to be a lasso…thus requiring us to call him “Animal Rescue Louis”.  And he didn’t want to put said lasso down for pictures.  We tried bribing him with gummies and would let him hold the “lasso” until the very last second when Bennett hit that remote but basically the only thing we could do was keep it out of frame.

Oh yeah.  And he’d also eaten a blue lollipop right before pictures happened and was rocking a big, blue tongue.  Ugh.  But hey!  We got a couple of useable pictures and I think I am even happy with one as a Christmas card insert.  So…yay?  Go us?

Oh also, I have a giant crush on this lace parasol that we’ve recently discovered.  So I unabashedly had Bennett take a picture of me, flying solo with it.  And I kind of love the picture…which means a lot because I tend to not like pictures of myself.  I can always find a giant flaw that screams at me from the screen.  This is so colorful and fun that I’m totally cool with it.  Thanks hubby!

Hopefully next year will be easier.  I don’t mind taking our own photos because it gives us more time flexibility and we get to control the editing.  We meaning “me”.  I like the style we use and it hardly happens on pictures of the three of us together…so it’s nice to have a remote trigger to capture a shot or two and it be completely, organically “our” photo.  I’m not ruling out using photographers for our pictures at all.  I just like having the opportunity to try it on our own as well. 

If you would have asked me last night, during the torture that was our self-portrait family photo session, I would have neverrrrrr suggested trying this again.  In the new light of day, I’m thinking we can handle it.  Haha.  Remind me of this next year when we head out the door to take pictures…