Yes please.  I’ll have one of each.  And don’t judge me for having two that are Parks & Rec themed…I happen to be a big fan.  As much as I wish I were a Ron Swanson, let’s be real and admit that I’m totally more of a Leslie Knope.  You know, overly excitable and energetic about super dorky things.

I love each of these mugs and would be proud to drink from them.  I’m thinking I need to pull out my Pumpkin Spice Latte recipes and see if I can’t take them for another spin.  Speaking of PSL, Designs by Nicolina created a new print that is so adorable and perfect for fellow addicts.

Wow.  Can you tell it’s Friday?  Serious tangents today, folks.  I’ve got a pumpkin carving party tomorrow at my house and we are trying out some new recipes, bringing back some old ones and getting our carve on.  We even give out awards for the best carved design.  We bring our ‘A Game’ when carving those gourds.  Maybe a few recipes will get shared here…and obviously photos from our event.  Can’t wait!