A good chunk of Sunday was spent on a farm about 30 minutes away from our house.  Sarah is the mastermind and amazing baker behind The Honey Hole…the bakery that has basically stolen my heart and my waistline all at the same time.  She had asked Bennett if he could take some family photos for her and he gladly accepted.  Boy am I glad he did, the trip to see their gorgeous farmland alone was worth it to me.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted a horse.  No one has ever gotten one for me or even flirted with the idea…and I’m totally still holding onto that dream.  By the looks of it, I don’t think Louis would hate having a horsey either, he was very much smitten with them.

And oh my god how grown up is Louis?  It was a chilly, windy day so I saw it as a chance to put him in the Halloween inspired hat I”d made for him forever ago…and of course his new jacket.  Old Navy seriously has the best jackets for little boys.  I loved his grey one last year and I super love the one I picked for him this year.  Oh…and seeing this handsome little dude in a slouchy hat basically kills me.  He’s such a sweetie!

I asked Lou to act like a horse.  And then I caught it in action.  Haha.  Love it.

The pony and horses were super sweet and came right up to the fence but were a little like, “Hello?  I’m coming to visit and let you pet me and you didn’t bring me carrots?  Rude.”  Whoops.  Next time I’ll be sure to handle my visit a little better, guys.

Bennett and I crave farm life.  Hopefully one day we can make it a reality…even if it’s not a giant farm.  I’ll take a few animals and a decent garden that allows us to stop needing others so much for our food source.  Bennett wants chickens, which I find to be the grossest things on Earth.  But maybe if I make some smart negotiations, my childhood dreams of horse owning can come into fruition.  A girl can dream, right?

PS – totally love stealing photos of Bennett while he’s “on the job”.  So proud of him and his work.