Three years in a row, Bennett, Louis and I have hosted a pumpkin carving party for our friends.  I might die if we aren’t able to keep this tradition alive (and that’s totally not being dramatic in the least bit).  October feels like the last true time in which we can have an official get-together before the holiday rush comes.  Thanksgiving and Christmas always leaves us so busy with family stuff that it’s always really hard to squeeze anything else into the few end of the year weekends.

The only rules are that you bring (1) a pumpkin to carve and (2) your game face.  We take our creative carvings seriously.  Okay…so maybe not that seriously.  But we do have a contest and the best carved design wins you something random and usually handmade by yours truly.  Because of that, Bennett and I are always out of the running but that’s okay because I know that I would win every year and it wouldn’t be fair to take the prize every time.  Muahahaha.

Louis took part in the carving this year.  Well.  Sort of.  He wasn’t too interested in sticking his hands in and pulling out the pumpkin guts, but he really did enjoy taking the “pokey knife” and stabbing the crap out of the tiny pumpkin that he picked for himself.  Isn’t his Spiderman pumpkin adorable though?  We found this forever ago and the pieces have been shoved into his Mr. Potato head for a while…finally we were able to use his pumpkin character for an actual pumpkin.

I’m a giant dork and went with a sewing machine as my design.  Last year’s UP-themed pumpkin was a bit more intricate and I thought it might be in my best interest to tone it down a little this year.  Everyone else was quite the opposite, picking some really awesome and difficult things to carve.  Isn’t Halloween fun?

[Not pictured with his pumpkin: Bennett.  It’s sometimes the cost when you’re the photographer.  You forget to be in pictures yourself.]

The only sad part about this whole night was at the end, realizing that our dear friends were going to be moving to Seattle [way too] soon and this was the last time we’d be hanging out with them for a while.  I threatened to break Will & Lindsay’s legs to keep them here but I don’t think they took my threat seriously.  They’re such warm, kind, smart, amazing people and although we hope the best for them, we can’t help but be selfish and try and guilt them into staying in the area.

Seriously, you guys had better plan on being at the party again next year.  Even if we have to Skype your attendance!