What started as an impromptu photo-shoot is now a McKinley family tradition.  It’s the fourth year in a row that we’ve stood Louis next to that giant painted pumpkin and sized him up.  It doesn’t look like his height has changed much but I promise it has – I think he had thick boots on last year when we went.  Trust me, this kiddo never stops growing and I’m certain that he’s stretched out a few more inches.  But holy cow, he looks older!!

And cheesier.  It’s an extra year of having his parents constantly shoving a camera in his face so he sure knows how to find the camera a lot better.  Goodness…comparison photos like these give me the chills.  I *know* he’s getting older and bigger but this really puts things into perspective.  [Please excuse me while I go cry for a few minutes.  My baby!!!]

Don’t you just love that little cheeseball?  And just because I’m feeling very ‘trip down memory lane-ish’…here are all four lined up next to each other.  So funny how different the weather is from year to year, too.  Yesterday was a scorching 80+ degrees outside which was obviously not the case for the two years before that.  Indian Summer much, 2013?

PS – shameless self plug…but that zombie shirt Louis is rocking can be found [here].  He’s my favorite model.