Sometimes really crappy things happen to really good people.  Paul was one of those good people.  He battled a disease that completely consumed the last few years of his life and although it’s comforting to know that he’s no longer in pain, it just really sucks that we had to lose such a wonderful man.  I haven’t known Paul for that long but I knew that he loved my Mother (and through her, us kids) and that was enough for me.

His memorial was wonderful.  So many people came out to pay their last respects and tell stories about how he’d touched their lives.  Most of the time, they talked about his connection with the Christian rock group: Adam Again.  Music was a huge part of his life (Paul even sang at Bennett’s and my wedding…it was gorgeous) and he’d made a lot of connections through his music.

One thing I’ll always take with me is a conversation I had with Paul regarding my efforts in the handmade business world.  I think I was talking about being discouraged by the fact that it’s hard to really “feel” creative when you’ve seen so many things already done, especially in my early stages of crochet work.  He told me, “Katy, all of the music notes have already been played.  It’s how you put them together and play them that makes it unique.”  Genius.

Between the efforts of both my Aunt Barbie and Billy, this slideshow was created.  The song playing is actually one written and performed by Paul himself.  They had a heck of a time trying to get it from the cassette tape that it was recorded on to a computer but Aunt Barbie is basically a miracle worker and she made it happen.  I thought it’d be appropriate to share on here:

I can never hold it together during a funeral.  I feel like I cry harder than anybody in the room because I’m such a sympathetic crier.  I feel like having Louis as a mini-distraction helped a little bit…until he fell asleep in my arms during the ceremony and rendered me even more emotional as I looked down on him and then realized how hard it probably was for Paul’s parents on that very day.

Louis did help lighten the mood once he awoke.  And he seriously looked so handsome in his vest and bowtie, eating strawberries in the corner of the room while watching his iPad videos.  Oh Louis…

It was a very sweet, intimate and memory filled day.  I hate that it had to happen this way but it was really nice to have finally met the entire Valadez family.

Oh….here come the tears again…we miss you Paul.