I’ve been dying to draw something fun on my chalkboard that was Halloween-ie but I’m a terrible artist.  It would have taken me about 32049804698340 tries to get it straight and how I wanted it and so I thought maybe instead I should create something in trusty ole’ Photoshop and transfer it that way.  Genius.  I love it.

I have a mega-crush on the frames that I got from Cut It Out Already.  You’ve seen them pop up a few times, I shared all of the details [here] when I actually sat down to paint them.  This bad boy is an 11×14 format but really any size would work.  And the chalkboard part of the frame itself is just the glass from a frame that was painted in chalkboard paint.  All these things can be done on the cheapie-cheap.

The only supplies you really need are chalk (the plain, old school kind), the design you want to trace and if you want, a chalk pen.  I just like chalk pens better because they give cleaner lines but they also prove to be more of a pain when filling in large areas so it’s users choice on this one.  I found my chalk pen [here].

Flip your artwork over and, using the piece of chalk, cover the entire area in a big, chalky mess.  As much as you can get on there because we are going to need to use it for outline purposes and you need the transfer to come out as much as possible.

Turn your artwork over and line it up for placement on your chalkboard.  Then take a pen or pencil and trace your entire design.  You can get as detailed as you’d like or you can just do the basics and free-hand it, using your printout as a reference piece.  I did a little of both.

Then take your chalk pen and trace, then fill in the design.  Easy, right?  And the great thing is that the sky is the limit!  Make any design your heart desires!  Just beware…the more detailed, the more you’re going to curse yourself in the long run when you’re trying to pretty it up.  My cursing came in the form of wishing I had better lighting in my house.  It’s as if the designer who put the plans together for it was all “these people don’t need lights overhead, that’s crazy talk!”  Note to self: get a new lamp for your workspace.

Personally, I’m in love with how it came out.  Now I need to find the perfect place to put this giant frame but that’s not the point.  I wanted to make it and I did.  Yay Katy!

I thought maybe you guys would want the ability to make your own sign for some Halloween décor in your house and so I’m letting you download them at will.  I also thought that there would be a good amount of people that weren’t interested in trying to do the transfer onto the chalkboard so I made two more versions that you can just straight-up print and frame.  Consider this my little gift to help kick off your weekend festivities.

Plain (for chalkboard transfer) | HERE
Chalkboard Printable | HERE
Silver Glitter Printable | HERE

Does anyone have any fabulous Halloween parties coming up?  I’m planning on taking some time this weekend to get our costumes in gear.  Of course we picked ones that we can’t simply go to the store and purchase so I’ll be making my own version of how a costume should look.  Think happy thoughts for me as I spend some quality time with my sewing machine, serger….and possibly seam ripper.  And beer to drown my sewing sorrows in.

Happy Weekend!!