Sometimes I just suck.  Can I say that?  I meant to post this last Friday and somehow life took hold and I didn’t get around to it.  I. Am. So. Sorry.  I swear that I’m back to my regularly scheduled life.  Or at least I’ll try harder. Ha!

Today you get to meet one of my craftiest and quirkiest friends from high school.  She’s super rad, super creative and super nice.  Earrings that she sent me two years ago are still my favorite pair to wear during the Christmas season.  She kind of rocks my socks off.

meet sarah1

K: Where did you come up with the name of your business?
S: Agentbananas comes from my very first email account. Like it or hate it, the name sort of just stuck.

K: Which items do you enjoy making the most?
S: Lately I’ve been loving making pendants. I like all the pretty colors.

meet sarah2

K: What are your greatest struggles with owning your own business?
S: Being a creative person, I’m admittedly not the most organized person. Selling items is fun, packing them up and all that other stuff, that’s work! I also have a hard time understanding my market. I know that my stuff isn’t for everyone, but then who is it really for? I’ve been learning, for example, old lady craft shows are usually not my target audience.

K:What are your greatest achievements so far?
S: I’ve really enjoyed seeing come of my work in the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art. I’ve enjoyed my evolving style. But really for achievement it makes me so happy to be connecting with people in the creative community.

meet sarah3

K: How/where did you learn how to sew/craft/create/design?
S: This has been an adventure in trial and error and DYI. I’ve had no formal training.

K: What inspires your designs?
S: I like trying to infuse my weird in other people’s lives. I like making functional, fun things.

K:What is your favorite part about selling/making handmade items?
S: I really like knowing someone out there is loving what I’m doing.

meet sarah4

K: Name one thing in your craft room you couldn’t live without.
S: My craft bench is AWESOME. it was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend a few years ago. And of course my sewing machine is forever.

And for some extra fun: THIS or THAT.

  • COFFEE / TEA: Tea
  • GOLD / SILVER: Gold
  • BIG CITY / SMALL TOWN: Medium town? I’m not Chicago… but I’ve outgrown Reed City
  • BOOK / MOVIE: Book
  • DVD / BIG SCREEN: Lifetime made for TV
  • JEWELRY / GADGETS: Jewelry
  • WINE / BEER: Beer, good delicious craft beer and lots of it.
  • FLATS / HEELS: flats
  • VINTAGE / NEW: Vintage
  • SPRING / FALL: Spring… with pumpkin beer.

You can find Sarah at these links: SHOP | FACEBOOK
I sense some serious stocking stuffers happening from her shop.  The hangover kit?  Pure awesome.

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