I give you full and complete permission to judge me.  I judge me.  I am a serious sad sap and I am having a hard time accepting something so simple.  Yet, it’s not simple to me.  It’s something that creates an overwhelming amount of emotions for this momma, watching her little baby grow into a young boy.  ::tears::

Louis had his first “first day” of school today.  And by school, I mean a program called Wee Two at a local private school.  It’s only an hour and fifteen minutes long.  One day a week.  And Bennett is in attendance the entire time.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that my baby is beginning to transition into being away from the home and it’s basically killing me.  Yes, I had tears in my eyes when I was talking about it with Bennett last night.  And yes, I will have tears in my eyes again soon when he does the next thing that makes me realize he’s growing up.

We are totally “those parents” and took pictures of him ready for his first day of school.  He obviously doesn’t need a backpack for Wee Two but Louis really wanted to take it with him.  Last night, he told Bennett that he can’t drive him to school, that a school bus would pick him up.  Not true, but he’s seen it on some TV shows now and it’s cute that he thinks it’s what needs to happen.

He also had his Daddy pack his backpack with “crayons and coloring books” so he could “learn about shapes, colors and numbers” at school with his new friends.  ….my poor heart…

I’m happy that we decided to put him in this program.  Louis has been begging for quite some time now to go to school and we should do nothing but encourage his desire to learn and engage with peers.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t encourage him while having my eyes fill with misty love and pride for the little guy either.

Oh the places you will go, Kiddo.