Feast or famine, right?  There couldn’t be a truer sentiment when it comes to this little business endeavor that I’ve created for myself.  This was seriously the most insane year I’ve ever had and I have such mixed emotions about it.

On one hand, it’s empowering.  I created these things and people want them.  They want them enough to email me 32094823098 times a day, asking how they can get them faster than I can produce them.  And on the other hand, it’s overwhelming.  I’m struggling with keeping a happy balance between work, family and more work.  It was especially so as soon as fall came along and people got into their Christmas gift buying frenzy.

I spent all last weekend working my butt off.  My back hurts, I ran out of basically every supply known to mankind, I’m pretty much out of clean clothes and my house is a wreck.  I found myself feeling terribly guilty because I wasn’t giving Bennett and Louis enough of my attention on the only two days that I’m off from my regular boring desk job…I was instead buried beneath a million shirts and Kraft paper packages in my craft room.  Which is also a mess.

I did take some time to play.  But I never feel like it’s enough.  The more successful I become in business, the more I feel my family has to deal with me being a little more absent — either in body or mind.  I’m going to make 2014’s New Year’s Resolution to create a better balance.  Something that works for all of us.

Because I want to play in the snow more, damnit.  It’s fun and watching Louis make a million snow angels is hysterical and well worth the cold.  Here’s to finding new balance.  And enjoying more of life’s little things.