Although hard to believe, Christmas 2013 has already come and gone.  And what an amazing Christmas it was.  On Christmas Eve, we put opened and donned our Christmas jammies, baked cookies for Santa, put out Reindeer food (with the help of Grandma & Papa) and did our last little bit of present wrapping.

Not pictured?  The two geese that we spent the majority of the day de-feathering.  Bennett went to a farm, caught a goose (or two!) and brought them home for us to prepare for Christmas dinner.  He said, “But Katy!  We can have Christmas goose!”  The kitchen was full of feathers and I spent way more time over a dead bird than I have in my life.  Now it’s funny – then, I was giving serious nasty looks at Bennett while inhaling a lifetime worth of goose down.  It was delicious but a pain in the ass.  A delicious pain in the ass??

I had Louis dictate a letter to Santa this year, to leave out with the milk, cookies and sweet peppers for the reindeer.  [Maybe we didn’t plan ahead and have carrots in our fridge…or maybe we just wanted to pretend that the reindeer wanted something different for their snack!]  I find his note to be hilarious and very much an indication of how sweet and silly our little guy is.

Christmas morning, we woke to find our Santa sacks and stockings filled with goodies from the Fat Man.  He was kind to our little threesome this year, as he always is.  I think he really appreciated these new sacks so he didn’t have to wrap our gifts this time around!

The magic of Christmas has certainly returned and I can fully credit Louis for it.  He has been excited for and talking about Santa since our first snowfall in early November.  We had a mild meltdown on Christmas Eve because he kept thinking he was going to get to see Santa at our house and wanted to stay up to see him.  I tried to explain that he only comes when we are sleeping and Louis just lost it.  I felt so bad.  All he wanted to do was to see Santa…the guy everyone tells him about. 

By the way…who the hell came up with this Santa concept anyway?  It’s weird and hard to explain to children for the first time and kinda creepy that we let a stranger in our house but only when we are asleep.  I like the magic aspect of it but part of me hates this sea of “untruths” that we wind into the holiday.  Bizarre.

Louis only wanted one thing from Santa: a blue robot doggie.  He saw a commercial FOREVER ago and has not stopped talking about this robot dog.  Santa delivered.  And Louis was a very happy boy.  So happy that he almost didn’t care about any other thing that he opened.  We hardly had to open any other toy package because he was very satisfied with his doggie.  Good job, Santa!

It was a really nice, relaxing way to start our morning.  We stayed in our jammies until 2:00 in the afternoon and just kind of hung out together, enjoying our new goodies and *maybe* snacking on some of the ridiculous amount of chocolate Santa put in our stockings. 

Oh wait.  One other thing: Nana got Louis a gift to end all gifts this year.  She really must be trying to get higher on his list of favorites. 🙂  What is cooler than a Hot Wheels 4-Wheeler?  To a 3-year old…most likely nothing.  We need to teach him how to steer and drive it properly.  And perhaps buy him a helmet and myself some Xanax but I think this will be LOADS of fun when the weather starts to warm up around these parts.  Oh boy.

We have plenty more pictures from yesterday’s festivities to share.  I just haven’t pulled them off of the camera yet and I’m sure that I’ve already loaded enough on here for one post.  All I know is that yesterday we had an amazing day full of family, food and love.  Hopefully yours was the same!

Happy Holidays, friends!!