I hold my aunties on super high pedestals.  They are hysterical, wise, sweet, caring, tough and amazing.  Aunts are the best, right?  Well…most aunties.  I’ve basically been a giant suckfest when it comes to my nieces and nephews and I’m trying to get better.  I have wonderful intentions but sometimes no follow through.  I’m working on it.

Part of my “working on it” was inviting Davey & Annie over yesterday to hang out.  We gave their parents a little free time and got to get to know the kiddos a little better over some lunch chat and playtime.  Although  most of the playtime involved Louis hogging their attention.  Totally cool in my book.

Louis calls his cousins “AnnieDavey” and runs their names together as if they are conjoined twins.  They are sweet enough to not get irritated about being referred to as one blob of a cousin rather than the two awesome individuals that they are.  Lou was super excited to have his AnnieDavey  at our house this time around, to show them his house [cardboard box fort], Christmas tree and toys.  The toy that got the most attention was the Angry Bird plushies that I’d made a while back for Lou from [this] tutorial.

Probably because we have created a super ghetto sling shot and we allow them to launch the birds across the room, in effort to hit the King Pig and knock him off of the slide.  Serious fun.

These three probably think I’m either nutso or annoying because I kept taking pictures and fussing over how cute they are together.  Just working toward my “Crazy Aunt Katy” status as quickly as I can.

But really.  They’re adorable.

Hopefully I can work in more hangouts with them in the near future.  And then I’ve got to figure out how to not suck when it comes to my long-distance nephews and little niece as well.  That will prove to be an even harder task because we can’t spontaneously ask them over for lunch.  The point is, I want to get better.

Maybe I should call up my aunties and ask how they did it.