I’ve had this idea in my head for a couple of years now and I can 100% credit it to my Momma, who is one of the kindest, most giving people I know.  Mom was always my Girl Scout leader and she would organize an “Adopt a Family” tree to be put up in a local shop, filled with tags and gift ideas for a family in need in our community.  The gifts would be delivered to our troop and we’d wrap them and drop them off at the family’s house on Christmas Eve…our own little version of Santa Claus’ gift giving.

Every time of year is hard on families in need.  This time of year just tends to be harder emotionally.

I thought about doing this last year but it was too late in the game.  I didn’t have any contacts to find a family in need and didn’t have enough time to get something together.  This year, I started early and it really turned out nicely.  I am lucky to know so many generous and caring individuals that wanted to help this family, without knowing anything about them.

People helping other people.  Just because they can.  Doesn’t that give you the biggest amount of warm fuzzies EVER?  ::open floodgates of tears::

A HUGE, ENORMOUS, GIANT, AMAZING ‘thank you’ goes out to all of the people that contributed to this year’s Adopt a Family gifts.  These overly stuffed bags are being delivered to a Grandmother (and her two grandkids) in my local area who hasn’t had the easiest last few years.  She’s adopted her grandchildren AND gone through a double mastectomy and when I was given her information…I knew that this family was the perfect candidate for a little boost in Christmas spirit.

Sometimes we all need a little Christmas.  Happy Holidays, friends.