Yes.  You read it here first.  Caps for Chemo 2014 is officially launched with Handmade Escapade.  This is the FOURTH year I’ve been able to do this and it’s all possible because of the amazing people who come out of the woodworks and support me. 

CFC is basically a BOGO program, at it’s finest.  BUY one, GIVE one.  Each hat ordered is made twice.  One goes to the purchaser, the second goes to a chemotherapy patient in the greater Wheeling area.  I like spreading warm fuzzies and this is one of the biggest warm fuzzy spreaders ever. 

For more information related to Caps for Chemo, you can look right [HERE].

These eleven hats are all ready and available for purchasing in my shop.  You can head straight to the Caps for Chemo section [HERE].  The promo runs during the month of January only so you have to act quickly to get in on the fun!

Happy New year, sweets!!