That amazing, smart, loving, best-dad-ever, [almost as] funny [as me], talented, sweet, creative and cool guy that I was lucky enough to marry turns another year older today.  TWENTY EIGHT!  Happy Birthday, my love!

It’s hard to believe that my bearded, flannel-wearing, hunk of a husband was once a baby-faced little tyke.  Luckily, I have photographic evidence that proves as such.  I probably would have asked him to be my boyfriend, chased him around and written “Mrs. Katy McKinley” on every piece of paper ever if I would have run into his cuteness on the playground back in the day. 

We will most likely be celebrating tonight with yellow cake & chocolate frosting (the only birthday cake the McKinleys will allow), a highly caloric dinner, some snuggles and play-pretend with Louis.  I might even up the ante by giving him an entire day free from Katy-sass.  We’ll see how far into the day I can get with those efforts.

Quite a change from our first birthday celebrations together, where each of us turned 21 and proceeded to be sloppy college students.  Change is good though.  I look forward to growing old with this guy…he’s a keeper.

Love you Bennett!  Happy birthday!!