They say a picture is a thousand words, right?  Well rather than being my wordy self, I’ll just show you a thousand pictures from our extended weekend visit with Nick, Sierra & Delilah in Indiana.  It’s been since September that I last saw the little sweetie pie D (even longer since Bennett saw her) so we got some much needed snuggle time in.  She’s adorable and growing so quickly!

Nick and Sierra were kind enough to take us to the Fort Wayne Science Center.  Which was super amounts of fun and I’m really glad we got to take Louis there.  He loved it.  The big kids (aka adults) loved it as as well.  Everything was super hands-on and interactive and it was well worth the admission cost for us to go.

When we asked Louis what his favorite part was, he said “the water”.  Of course it was.  There was a water station that allowed you to send rubber duckies and boats down, as you affected the current with these boards.  It’s no shock that he liked playing with water.  Kiddo is a water bug.

Louis absolutely adores Delilah.  When we woke him up on Sunday morning to tell him we needed to get on the road, the first thing he said was, “I’m really going to miss Delilah.”  And then begged us to stay there so he wouldn’t have to leave her. AH-dorable.

Aren’t they the sweetest duo ever?

Thanks for the great weekend, Balsaras!  Time to plan our next get-together!