This past Saturday, we headed to the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley to help celebrate Louis’ bestie turning another year older.  Alexander has made an appearance on this blog a few times already and we are terribly sad to report that we won’t be seeing much of our wonderful Markan friends after this.  They are moving to New Jersey (SOB!!) soon and we are pretty broken up about the news.  *sigh.

Anyway, we knew we couldn’t miss the festivities – but who would?  A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party?  In the Children’s Museum?  Hello good time!

A’s mom Erin is a crafty friend of mine.  She made a bunch of fun things for the kiddos to wear and I’m pretty sure Louis loved the fact that he got to be a ninja turtle alongside a bunch of enthusiastic other little kiddos.

I think I might take a page from Erin’s book and have a party sometime at CMOV.  There was no need to organize anything, in terms of activities.  The kiddos just ran and played with the things that were there and had a great time.  (Even Jenny Brown got in on the action and was buried by some little squirts’ building projects.)

The decorations were adorable and very up to TMNT standards.  Even the balloons had ninja faces. 

Alexander cracked us all up by blowing out his candles before the song was close to being finished.  He was just really eager to make his birthday wishes come true!!

Louis was super upset when we told him it was time to leave.  I mean…like really super upset.  He wanted to stay and party all day long.  I then immediately felt like a terrible mother because he hasn’t spent much time around people his age lately.  The holidays, school being on break and it being too cold to have play dates outside are all a factor.  That, and I think we need to make friends with more people who have children.

^^ I mean, look at that face.  That’s a face of a child on the brink of a meltdown because his mean parents are taking him away from all of this fun.

Happy Birthday, Alexander (dude)!  Thanks for letting us join in on all of the fun!