Last night was a fun one.  Let’s just say that and get it out of the way.  I laughed, I made crafts and I drank beer.  Hello perfection.

Remember last year when we piggy-backed on other people’s hard work and showed up to be in the pictures and hang things?  Haha.  Well, this year the McKinleys are back at it again.  Except this time we are actually participating in the work portion of Ohio Valley Young Preservationists: All You Need is Love Campaign. 

I got roped into being a team leader for one of the buildings.  Which also happens to be a gorgeous downtown building that my office has come into ownership of in the last few months.  Dual roping happened.  OVYP members and my office joined forces and had me do this.  Stinkers.

Believe it or not, I have a plan for the decoration of the gorgeous structure we’ve been given.  Some wonderful people showed up last night to be a part of “Team McKinley” and get moving on our design and decorations.  And there wasn’t even any eye-rolling or “oh my god this girl is crazy”!  Or at least none that I was aware of.

We also had two of the cutest helpers on our side.  These two kiddos were fabulous painters.

I’m super excited to see everything come together and I’m equally as excited to see the designs for the rest of the buildings downtown.  Can’t wait!  Ohio Valley Handmade (the team we were on last year) is probably going to have my favorite design…as they are combining yarn bombing and 8-bit nerdyness all into one giant heart.  So ambitious and awesome!

In case you didn’t click over to read the links about what we are doing exactly…here’s the gist of it: Ohio Valley Young Preservationists [OVYP] is a group of young-ish adults that are concerned about the future of our beautiful, and somewhat abandoned, downtown buildings.  Wheeling is very rich with history and it’s a shame that the buildings aren’t getting as much love as they deserve and need.

The ‘All We Need is Love’ Campaign is an effort to grow some awareness of the usefulness of  those buildings.  The OVYP members and other groups around the community lovescape their designated buildings for Valentines day with punny and cute designs, all attempting to showcase the beauty of the forgotten.

I’m pumped about our design.  Seriously.  These will be banners hanging up on the building and I cannot wait to see it all put together!  Obviously “GLUB” is not a word.  The store didn’t have a the letter ‘c’ so I had to be resourceful and find something we could turn into what we needed.  G looked close enough but we haven’t made any alterations.  Yet.

So for now, we are making decorations for the theme ‘Lonely Hearts GLUB’.  Haha.