Our house is a sunrise to sunset Imagination Station.  Sometimes it’s exhausting, most of the time its fun.  Louis has a never ending imagination and he is ALWAYS playing and pretending to be something or someone else.

It’s honestly hard to keep up.  Bennett is much better than me but I’ve been showing some improvements over the last three years. 

Usually, the parenting roles are divided between Bennett and me based upon our basic skill level.  If it can be sewn or made out of fabric, it’s my job.  If it can be built, constructed and involves cardboard/wood/etc, it’s Bennett’s job.  Not because of stereotypical gender roles either…it’s just what each of us is better at.

Last night, Louis decided he needed a spaceship because he was going to Mars.  And the spacedogs/aliens were bad guys out to get him.  He also needed a helmet.  Essentials to life on Mars.  For some reason, I took charge on the design/build this time around.

I can’t say it’s the finest spaceship ever built.  But it was my first so I suppose I did okay.  Louis jumped right in it and played until we had to go to bed.  And was then upset that we wouldn’t allow him to take it to bed with him.  “Bed” was actually Jupiter and the need for a spaceship there was great.  He has some seriously mean parents that wouldn’t let it happen.

I’m always jealous of Lou’s creative abilities in this department.  When does a box become just a box to us?  Because to Louis, it’s an endless amount of things: forts, spaceships, robot costumes, pirate ships…the works.  I hope that doesn’t change anytime soon for him.  It’s fabulous.