It’s Thursday already and I’m linking-up with Nicole and Meghan to share another round of ‘My Favs’.  Beware: uuber Mommy goggles in this one, folks.

I’ve been lucky to have grown up in a camera happy family.  My dad is a pretty excellent photographer, I’ve non-stop been capturing the world around me since my first camera and Bennett is artistic beyond belief.  We’ve documented everything about our lives and I’m so happy to have snapshots of these moments that may seem insignificant at the time but are so amazing to have later on.

My favorite pictures are not the posed, smiling shots.  They are the ones that capture the essence of a person, as they are.  I love when Bennett decides to pick up the camera and snap these moments of Louis.  He changes so quickly that I want to freeze every moment of these stages of life before the slip away from us.

Wild hair (that’s being chopped off today at his hair appointment).  Crazy McKinley eyebrows.  Goofy facial expressions.  Gorgeous little boy.

I’m still amazed that people use only their iPhones to take pictures.  It’s great and a handy camera to have with them at all times but I think a “real” camera is insanely necessary.  Take some time.  Capture the moments in a higher quality.  And then edit, print and put them in a book.  Give yourself a chance to soak in these moments again and again.

Because taking a bath and brushing your teeth stops being cute after a while.