Yeah, I call her Annabelle because she’s shaped like a…
She’s the belle of the ball, son!

Surprise!  We have a new family member!

Simply put, we are dog people.  And we are a multi-dog family.  We always knew that we would get another dog but we wanted to time it just right so it “felt right” to us.  The gun was jumped just a bit because we seriously couldn’t handle how depressed George Michael was without his Maeby companionship.  George is a dog-dog.  He likes people but he is happiest with another animal to play with or be around.  As if our house wasn’t sad enough, adding a sad George into the mix wasn’t helping anyone.

I wasn’t ready for another furball quite yet (I still cry when I think about my’s still so raw and fresh with us) but George needed someone.  I didn’t want to feel like we were trying to replace Maeby.  But maybe we just needed a distraction.

We went to the local animal shelters “just to see” what dogs were available for adoption.  We had convinced ourselves that we wanted a puppy, someone who had the energy to play with Louis and grow up with him.  And then we saw this little sweetheart and we were sold on taking her home with us.

Annabelle is 2-years old but still very puppy like.  We aren’t 100% on her house training but she’s done pretty well during the adjustment period.  Louis loves her.  George Michael plays with her and his mood has absolutely lifted.  Bennett is giddy over having a smaller lap-style dog (she’s around 15-20 lbs) and I’m pretty content with our decision.

She’s a beagle / cocker spaniel mix.  Her face is so much like my cocker spaniels from my childhood but her bark howl is pure beagle.  That’s something we have to work on.  That…and the fact that she thinks she’s a cat and likes to jump up on everything: backs of couches, every available lap, dining room tables.

Regardless, I’m coming to terms with the fact that it was okay for us to get a new dog.  The timing was never going to feel right.  We aren’t replacing our lost baby, we are just adding another limb to our family tree.