Once Friday hits, it’s “Go Time” for me, in terms of having a little more time and flexibility to get a bunch of projects, orders and other things finished.  Or at least started.  And if there’s time left over, I’ll maybe do some housework.  Maybe.

I started to clean and rearrange my craft room (I wish I were cool enough to call it a studio).  After two days, a ginormous mess, my sewing machine being thrown to the floor and nearly broken by a frame that came crashing down, and rediscovery of things that have been buried for a while, I found a new life for my space.  And I could actually get to things again.

During said cleaning, I was able to unbury Louis’ art table.  Which may or may not have been completely covered and filled with fabric.  Hypothetically.  Don’t look at me, I have no idea why that would have happened. 

As soon as Lou saw his table, he asked if he could paint.  So we let the kiddo do his work.

It’s such a simple shot but I love this picture of our hands together, as I was cleaning the paint off of Louis’ little fingers.  There will come a time when I am no longer needed for things like this.  ::sob::

Another thing I will no longer be able to do is take pictures of him sleeping.  Or in this case, Bennett won’t be able to.  Because if he’s a teenager and we are creeping on his sleep for some photos, we’ve got some serious issues we need to work out with parent/child boundaries.  Luckily, such boundaries aren’t necessary quite yet.

Louis is still at a point where he both needs and doesn’t want a nap.  When I’m home on weekends, his nap gets skipped more than any other time.  Totally my fault.  I like to be with him and he likes to be with me.  But he still needs an hour refresher most days.  This time, snuggled up with his “cuddle pillow”, bug quilt from Auntie Gayle, Buster the dog and his “policer” handcuffs.  My sweet boy.

My weekend ended with some OVYP decoration work.  Giant pinwheels and puffy hearts from plastic tablecloths were made, with the help of Tanya and some hot glue that burned several blisters into my fingertips.  A few more days of LOVE-ly crafty work and I think we will have our décor ready for our adopted building.  Wahoo!