Thank you to everyone who took the time to send your positive thoughts and kind words in our direction, in regards to Maeby.  You can really tell who is a “dog person” out there by the way the responses came in.  When you let a pup into your life and they become your child…stuff like this is tough. 

After her diagnosis, things seemed to go downhill really quickly.  Maeby spent more of her days laying down or napping, her energy level was super low and she hardly even wanted to go outside…not even for bathroom breaks.  We even had to change the door we let them out because she wasn’t able to climb the stairs to get back inside.  It was truly painful to watch.  She just wasn’t herself.

Aside from her lymph nodes being really swollen in her neck, which is what made us take her into the vet in the first place, her back leg was super swollen — almost three times the size of her normal leg.  When you looked at her from behind, one leg was normal and the other was like we’d taken an air pump to it and expanded her leg like a balloon. 

Her doctor was able to prescribe some medication that helped with the swelling.  It was a game changer when she started taking it.  The swelling went down, her pep came back and she’s got a lot more energy now.  I think the swelling was in more places than we were aware and it was making it hard for her to do anything. 

For a while we were prepared for the end to be really near.  Like within a couple of days, near.  Now it’s nice to see that she’s got a little more time with us and she can still be a fun-loving dog she is.  We can’t stand to see our girl suffering.

This picture seriously cracks me up.  It’s the truest capture of our two pups: Sweet, happy Maeby.  Awkward, silly George.  The best dogs ever.