It’s Thursday and time for another round of linkups with Nicole and Meghan.  Whoop whoop!  Want to join the party? Please do!

[Shameless gushing over my amazing partner in life about to happen.]  Bennett is a fabulous father.  He’s also super creative, kind of a geek and really good taking an idea Louis has and turning it into something even cooler. 

He’s also a Stay-At-Home-Dad.  By choice of our family.  And he rocks it.  Just saying.

I can’t remember exactly when I bought it (or which holiday it was for) but I found this book that SCREAMED Bennett’s name.  I had to get it.  Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff is a book filled with really awesome ideas to get you started on creating fun things with your kiddos.  Louis is still a little on the younger side for being able to help with too much of the construction aspect of the projects but he’s not too young to enjoy the end results!

One of the projects in the Made By Dad book was this giant magnet.  Louis and Bennett put it together one day last week and it’s been fun to play with.  Bennett actually installed large magnets in the two ends of this so Louis can collect little magnetic things with it.  It’s pretty awesome.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that:
1.) We love this book.
2.) You should probably keep it in mind when it comes to gift-giving time for an amazing dad in your life.
3.) My husband rocks.

Has anyone else used this book yet?  I’m excited to see what else the two guys in my family create with it!