Happy Valentine’s Day!  My gift to you guys this morning is in the form of awkward self-portraits.  Please don’t say I didn’t get you anything romantic on this day for lovers.

Here are things I don’t do:
-Celebrate Valentine’s Day. Which makes me sound like a hipster or a cynic.  I am neither.
-Wear pink.  I feel like my red hair doesn’t look good next to pink and I avoid every shade at all cost.

Here are things I just did:
-Made a special Valentine’s Day shirt to wear all day.
-Made it an insanely bright pink fabric.

I’m not sure what overcame me.  I just really like to dress in theme, I guess.  I had this jersey fabric laying around from a previous thought that I’d make leggings out of it.  And then I realized that I would probably never wear the leggings because I don’t really own anything that would coordinate with super bright pink…and I was fearful that they would just look like pajama pants.

I self-drafted this from a looser fitting sweatshirt of mine.  I think the fabric is fun because it’s double-sided and I was able to play with those patterns a little bit.  And because of my big, round head I don’t like collars to be right up against my face so I made a wide/slouchy style neck.  I dig.

What I don’t dig is my horrible attempts at photographing this shirt on me this morning.  Blerg. 

So then I tried a bathroom mirror selfie.  Ugh.  Not much better.  But it at least looks like the shirt fits me more than my weird angle/self timer situation.  At least I tried?

Either way, I have my pattern to make another if I so choose.  Maybe out of something not so freaking pink.  Shorten the sleeves for summer and the simplicity of this will keep me sewing for a little while.  We will see, won’t we?