Yesterday was a rough day for Bennett and his friends, as they attended a funeral of one of their high school buddies.  Losing anyone is a horrible thing to have to go through but it almost hurts more when it’s someone young.  Your age.  Someone you’ve known since you were kids and, even though you’re technically an adult, you lost while you were still in a major “growing up” stage of your life.

The most interesting thing I find about a tragedy is how much good can also come from it.  You hug your loved ones tighter, you appreciate the simple things around you a little more and sometimes it provides opportunity for people to come together that haven’t in a while.

All of these things happened yesterday, along with a lot of memories and stories being tossed around about Scott.  I hope he knew the impact he had on his friends.

It was another gorgeous early-spring day and once Bennett arrived from Scott’s memorial, we went and took a breather outside.  Louis played in the sandbox and the creek, we drank a beer in the sunshine and wrestled with our renegade-on-a-leash Annabelle.

Louis likes to throw boats (leaves) into the creek and see how far they will float.  There is a lot of entertainment value in a creek/leaf combo.  That is, until he decides that he wants you to carry him home and you lug all 35+ pounds of him up a hill.  I appreciated the valuable cuddle time…even though he made me realize I’m still incredibly out of shape.

Later in the afternoon, some of Scott’s old crew came together to round-table some stories, drink his favorite beer and reflect on their collective loss.  I can only imagine what these five were like when they were a little younger and a lot wilder.

Two of these boys live pretty darn far from Wheeling now but they were able to make a last minute trip back to town to pay their respect.  There are very few opportunities for all of them to be in the same place at the same time and even thought it wasn’t the most ideal circumstance, it was still a reunion.  Happy, sad and everything in between.