Otherwise known as an Instagram dump, here are some things we did this weekend:

I sewed up my first (of many!) Out & About dress from Sew Caroline.  The pattern was super easy and the fit was great.  I’m thinking I need to shorten the hem just a little bit and maybe take out the bust for fabrics, like this one, that don’t have as much give.  I have to admit though…I super love this fox fabric and I’m excited that I have enough left over to make something else with it.  Louis clothes?  A skirt to sell?  I just don’t know yet.

photo 1 (5)photo 2 (6)

Bennett makes fun of me for taking selfies.  So I took another one.  I was about to bake cookies and I was excited.  So sue me.

photo 3 (5)

Louis and I baked some delicious chocolate chip cookies.  My “famous recipe” which is actually a Betty Crocker recipe but that doesn’t matter.  Because they’re full of win and everyone always loves them.  Cookies should always be baked from scratch, in my opinion.  And if you’re going to bake, you best be wearing a cute apron.

I’m pretty convinced Louis only helps me because he likes to sneak dough from the bowl and get a chance at licking the spoon.  Turkey.

photo 4 (2)

Wheeling got it’s last good snowfall on Sunday.  Which was crazy because Saturday was beautiful and in the 50-degree range.  March is not disappointing with the “in like a lion” aspect of things.  It was perfect sledding conditions and we took advantage of a free day with fresh snow.

Happy Monday, folks.  Hope your weekend was swell!