It’s Thursday, kiddos!  That means it’s one day away from the weekend and another online moment spent with Nicole and Meghan for a linkup.  Want to join? Just share you blog post (where you give us your FAVS of the week) in the comments of one/all of our blogs.

So maybe not tools but my FAV tool to use with blogging (beyond Photoshop for all of my lovely pictures) is Windows Live Writer.  And guess what?  It’s FREE.  Lovely.  The link I provided will take you straight to the download page and not the info page about WLW.

I love blogging.  I’ve been doing it for forever now, I think since 2008 and I’ve always used and gotten along quite well with the Blogger format.  Well, mostly.  I seriously cannot stand writing an actual blog post using their online authoring format.  Specifically, my disdain is directed to how Blogger tries to format all of my photos.  Since my discovery of WLW, it’s all I’ve ever used to write my blog posts. 


[oh my gosh. is this blog-ception? a blog within a blog…]  I literally screen shot what I was writing on here.  Crazy stuff, right?  Haha.


Windows Live Writer is super easy to use.  You can have multiple blogs from several different hosting sites linked to it and switch from one to another quickly.  It’s almost like writing a document in Word.  Super clean and easy to use and there is even a source button at the bottom for you to easily drop HTML coding into it if you so choose.

Also.  It’s free.  FREE people.  It wouldn’t hurt to just download and try it to see if it might fit your needs.  I like not having to be in a browser to write my blogs.  And I can save drafts, schedule posts, create tags, format, hyperlink…the works.  Try it, you’ll like it!