I went on an unintentional two week hiatus from sharing my FAVS but I’m back with Nicole and Meghan this week!  Yippee!  Want to share your ultimate favs with us?  Just share your blog post (where you give us your FAVS of the week) in the comments of one/all of our blogs.

Ever have an obsessive/compulsive habit that you don’t even realize until someone calls you out on it?  Apparently mine is wearing striped clothing.  And yes, I’ve got a black/white striped shirt on as I type this.  I sometimes even go so far as to dress Louis in stripes all of the time too.  It’s a behavior that I didn’t even know I had until my sister-in-law pointed out that I wore stripes almost every day of our vacation together. 

I don’t know why I’m drawn to them but I just am.  Pretty much all of the pictures of me this year have caught me wearing them too.  Who needs to branch out, really?

2014-03-06 my favs stripes

For all of 5 seconds, I kidded myself that I would be able to play ‘fashion blogger’ for the day and link to where I got these.  The besides the Old Navy navy/white waffle knit tee…I don’t think these shirts exist anywhere in stores anymore.  And the pink one is self drafted.  So…yeah.

Anywho.  We will see if my OCD kicks in while transitioning to spring/summer clothes.  Chances are, there is a crap load of stripes in those clothes as well.  Whoops.

Do you have a style that repeats over and over in your closet?