Oh hey Thursday, we meet again!  It’s another week of Nicole, Meghan and I linking up to share our FAV thing from this week.  Want to join? Just share you blog post (where you give us your FAVS in the comments of one/all of our blogs.

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My FAV this week has already been talked about by me, but I’m doing it again.  Bennett has started a new photography project called: Meet Me in the Alley.  It’s really a fun concept and has wielded a lot of interest so far.  I hope it spreads even more too!

It’s a simple portrait of the people that live in Wheeling (and the greater Ohio Valley area) in this alley that seems to be magical.  Every picture he’s taken of someone so far has been awesome.  I guess it doesn’t hurt that Bennett is also an incredibly talented photographer.

I think my favorite part is that he puts a blurb about the person.  It makes individuals seem so powerful and unique and amazing.  It’s because we all are.  Everyone is.  Spoiler alert: this is my father-in-law.  Who is also a Congressman for the 1st District of West Virginia.  If you haven’t figured that out from my past posts on here…cat’s out of the bag now. 🙂

David M. | Congressman, Engineer, Father.

So far, Bennett has published four of the photos he’s taken.  But he’s got plenty of others that will be showing up all over the place.  If you want to follow along with the progress of his project, you’ll be seeing the pictures on these sites:

I’m really excited for and proud of Bennett.

If you want to be a part of the project and have your portrait taken…by all means, do it!  There’s no charge and he will send you one/two high resolution files for your use.  Plus, you get to be a part of something fun in Downtown Wheeling.  Email him if you’re interested: bennett@mckinley-photography.net