You can tell it’s spring because the first non-freezing moment there is to be outside, you go outside.  Louis has been going to school  for quite some time now and there is a little guy in his class that happens to have parents that like the same things we do and are in OVYP with us.  If we could only coordinate our schedules more, I could see there being a really great family date.

Until we can get the entirety of both families together, we will take as many playdates as we can get.  Bennett packed up Louis’ 4-wheeler in our car and headed over to Carson’s house.  Since then, Louis hasn’t stopped asking if he can go play with Carson.

Apparently he had the time of his life.

I ADORE watching Louis make friends.  Adore.

His style of interaction with other children is evolving and it’s really nice to see.  At first, Louis wanted to be around children but he wouldn’t really “play” with them.  He would just play near them.  He’s now learning how to involve them in his play and he’s totally having a great time doing it.  It makes my heart happy.

^^ I can only imagine this moment to be one in which Louis is showing Carson how to properly execute jazz hands. 

But really.  How cute are these two together?  I see many, many more moments like this.  Especially this coming summer.  Because running around outside with your friends in a carefree manner is probably the best thing you could ever do.  Ever.