Did you feel the beautiful rays of sunshine on your face, the crisp smells of early-spring creeping in and the freshness of the air filling your lungs?  We sure did.  Spring is knocking at the door and we are ready whenever it is.

We took Louis to the park on Sunday (along with spending a good bit of time outside on our own property) and he absolutely loved it.  Lou has a special playground run, I swear.  He has almost a bigger skip/bounce in his step due to the happiness he gets from running around with other children…excitedly moving from one playset to the next.  It’s adorable.

Bennett has been taking Louis to the children’s museum a lot this winter but it’s really not the same as outdoor time.  We know it and so does he.  Spending time playing in a sandbox in 40degree weather still trumps being inside, even if the CMOV is super fun.  Open space is always going to be something Louis craves, I’m sure.

I am greatly looking forward to more swingsets.  More slides.  More play dates.  More children running around with Louis.  More sunshine.  And more movement.

There’s just a point you reach at the end of winter when you’re ready to call it a day.  Well Mother Nature, I’m calling it.  Bring me spring!