Sometimes I wonder if Louis forgets that he’s a toddler, not a teenager.  We see it most when we try and wake him up in the mornings before he’s ready.  Sometimes he’ll bring logic into the situation: “The sun is not out.  It’s not morning yet.”  Most times, he will pretend that he can’t even hear us, keep his eyes closed and not move an inch.  I guess he figures if he can make us believe he’s sleeping, he will be left alone.

I have to admit, sometimes it works.

My mom posted something on Facebook the other day with this definition and I couldn’t help but laugh.  It was the perfect way to describe some moments in this stage of Louis’ life.  I’m just happy that he’s not a full blown teen yet.  I’m not sure this Momma could handle the mass amounts of sass that comes with them.  🙂

Threenager (noun) | A person age 3 years old, possessing the attitude and demeanor of a teenager.