I totally dropped the ball on getting a crochet pattern up in the month of April.  Have no fear, I will have two ready to go in May AND (!) I’m rocking out today with a free printable that will be great for the masses.

Maybe less for the masses and more for the mildly crazy people like me.

The only thing that I ask is that you use this for PERSONAL USE only.  Please don’t claim these as your own or try and make any moolah off of my generosity.  Play nice and I’ll continue sharing this kind of stuff with you guys.

I should start out by explaining that I’m nuts.  I seriously CANNOT stand the planners that you buy in stores.  For so many reasons.  There are either way too many pages that I’ll never use or there isn’t enough space for me to write.  Or, it drives me nuts that you can’t take pages out and put pages in to your liking along the way.  Big problems.  I also  like to have some cuteness factors to the thing that I’m supposed to be using on a daily basis.

There are some really great ones you can buy on Etsy.  I’ve purchased a couple myself.  But there’s always something I’d change about them so I decided to make my own and share it with the rest of you, in case you like my style. 

Included in the downloads [HERE] are:

— Year at a glance calendars for 2014-2015

— Weekly planner pages for 2014-2015 (which include spaces for meal & cleaning planning)

— Dates to Remember perpetual calendar

I formatted the weekly pages the way I did so I could have room to write without lined spaces.  I swear that the lines give me issues and I don’t know why.  Maybe because I like to randomly scribble wherever there is space.  There’s no weird order that is required for printing and they are formatted for a standard 8.5×11 piece of paper.  Print on both sides of 26-sheets of paper and you’ve got yourself an entire year to fill up! 

I also made it so you have less to write by having the months running down the right sides of the page so you can simply circle the month that the week falls within.  Pretty easy peasy.

There are boxes on each day that read “EAT” and “CLEAN” so you can make yourself schedules to correspond.  Bennett and I are trying our hardest to become better examples for Louis.  It’s just hard because we are both growing our own businesses and making sure to spend time with each other…cooking and cleaning have basically been thrown out the window. 

We are doing an adjusted version of weekly meal planning.  And are working toward an actual cleaning schedule (ie: Monday: kitchen. Tuesday: Livingroom. Wednesday…)  We are a work in progress but at least we are trying, right?

You could simply print-and-go with these.  Drop them into a 3-ring binder and you’re all set.

Or…let me tell you about how I put mine together:

Staples has these discbound notebooks that I love so much I could eat them.

Wait.  Did I say that out loud? 

Martha Stewart and Arc System notebooks are both an option, it just depends on what is on sale and what fits your liking.  Bennett and I both chose Arc but there is no difference in quality between the two brands.

I love it because it’s not a 3-ring binder but it acts like one.  And it’s not a bound book, but it acts like that too.  Eleven discs hold your papers in place, it lays flat or can be folded all to one side for easier writing.  And it has a level of professionalism (because that totally describes me, ha!) that I super love.  It just looks put together without being a monster to maneuver around.

I printed this quote from The Caravan Shoppe on cardstock (my Important Dates perpetual calendar is printed on the backside of it) as my opening image.  Really, I’m sure I’ll end up changing this a million times but I feel like it suits me for now.

The accessories are great too.  I love that the front pocket of the folder I have has a business card slot and then I put a zipper pouch right in the beginning to store my pens and sticky notes.  I used the Martha line of little stickies to allow for easy access of the different months.

The business card holders that you can get are boss.  They have enough room on each page to hold 28 business cards per sheet, which is great because I can never contain my business card collections from all of my favorite Etsy shops.  And of course, tab dividers were necessary to break up the different sections of my folder.

The discs that come with the discbound folders weren’t going to be big enough to hold everything I was about to shove nicely place in mine so we opted for the larger discs.  Which I’m glad we did because I have room to grow if I need to store more in it.

The ONLY thing that I didn’t like about this was the punch.  And that’s because I hate how expensive it was.  $45 for a hole punch?  RIDICULOUS.  But I searched for something that would work all over online and this is sadly the best deal.  *sigh.  Luckily, it is sturdy and works well.  At least I wasn’t paying an arm and a leg for a piece of junk.

Regardless, I super love my book/binder/planner/holder of all things.  I’m pretty sure Bennett would say the same about his.  And it helps that we decked them out with our logos…to make us feel extra cool when carrying them around.

There you have it.  It’s a bit of an investment up front but worth it for me.  If you think that’s too much…hole punch these babies!  I hope these help some of you become a little more organized.  If you have any questions, please ask. 

AND, let me know how they work for you!  I’d love to see them in action or hear feedback about the pages…maybe what you’d like to see added/changed.

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