Did I mention we took too many pictures last weekend?  You can find Part One of our adventures in the city [here].  Crazy enough, I’ll have to have a third post to explain all that happened at the Easter Egg Roll.  🙂

We were lucky enough to be able to crash with Mary at her and David’s apartment near Capitol Hill.  It is within walking distance of practically everything in that area and not having to deal with parking our car when we went from place to place was great. 

Our first stop was the United States Botanic Garden & Conservatory.  Free to get in and we literally spent the entire time stopping to smell the flowers.  So awesome.  They even had a children’s area that allowed Louis to water some flowers, which he loved.

Truth be told, Louis loved the entire time spent inside of the Conservatory.  He had a blast looking at all of the plants and flowers growing everywhere.  And he especially loved when the mist would “rain on his head” while the plants were being watered.  He also loved being able to stick his hands in any form of H2O…you know how he does.

I loved the fact that they had an orchid display happening while we were there.  Orchids are my favorite flower….or flowers, rather.  They are so beautiful and unique and exotic looking.  Yet so hardy.  We have three plants in our home that have bloomed over and over and over again.  I never get sick of it.

The rest of our McKinley crew met up with us.  Louis was in his happy place because he got to spend time with his Annie and Davey.  First we headed to the Air & Space Museum, which was awesome.  It was really neat to see all of the old planes and things suspended over our heads in that giant building.

This particular museum might have been the highlight of Bennett’s trip.  He is kind of a space nerd.  A cute space nerd, though.

We were unaware but pleasantly surprised to see that Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos was on display there, along with the suit he wore during the jump.  Bennett had watched Baumgartner’s entire jump from start to finish and he was GEEKED about being able to see the Stratos in person.

Because they hadn’t seen it yet, we went back to the Conservatory with the whole group.  It didn’t bother us one bit to look at everything again.  I think Louis enjoyed it even more because he got to experience it with his cousins and I saw him a couple of times trying to point things out to the two of them.

It was a bummer that David wasn’t able to make the trip with us.  He had a convention to host in Morgantown on Monday (which was the day of the Egg Roll) so it just wasn’t in his cards.  You could tell that he was wishing he could be there because he called Mary a handful of times throughout the day to see what we were up to and get a recap of what he was missing.  Hopefully if we do it again, he will be in attendance.

Our final stop before the Egg Hunt itself was to David’s Congressional office.  It was the week for everyone to be back in their districts, talking with their hometown people.  That meant that the House of Representatives Office Building that we were in was EMPTY.  Staffers were there but it was minimal.  Such a vast difference from last time we were there for David’s inauguration…the place was packed and crawling with people then.

We were dressed, ready to go and had the chance to sit and rest before the “big event”.
These are three beautiful kiddos, am I right?