She was just born yesterday, I swear. 

It’s impossible that it’s almost been a year since I got to meet Delilah.  She’s one year old already?  It can’t be true!  This beautiful little redhead has stolen the hearts of plenty of people in such a short time and we were all ready to celebrate her turning one on Saturday in Indiana.

I wish I could claim the design and work of her dress but Sierra actually let me off the hook and purchased it from another Etsian.  It was ADORABLE.  And ridiculous.  But mostly adorable.

Louis was really happy to have spent some time with his Delilah and MaKale.  Those Boltze genes run strong in this family, I tell ya.  We beat out all of the odds and somehow overcome all of the dominate traits of our partners.  Go us!

Indiana actually (finally) treated us really well with weather.  I could have gone for a few more degrees and a little less wind…but a girl shouldn’t really complain.  We spent the majority of the day outside, playing in the sunshine.  It was lovely.

Bennett, Louis and I all had sunburns to prove how much outdoor time we enjoyed.  Haha.
Fair skinned people problems.

Bug and Nick gave Delilah a Dr. Seuss themed party.  Which naturally had to happen because D’s nursery is decked out in it and her baby shower was themed as such.  The decorations were very sweet and Sierra made some adorable cupcakes with Cat in the Hat hats as well as some pretty amazing GIANT cupcakes for Delilah to smash into pieces.

D has a sweet tooth, that little one.  She comes by it honest.

I’ve seriously never seen a one-year old be excited about presents.  Delilah is the exception.  She was helping Sierra rip them open and was checking out all of the clothes and toys that she was given.  It was hysterical and adorable.

The weather was so nice and the setting sun was too pretty to not get some family photos.  We haven’t seen Dad & Ronette since August of last year, so it was well worth the quick trip to and from Indiana to see them, along with the Balsara three.

The only thing that would have made this trip better was if Billy and Mom were there.  Having my family so far spread out is tough sometimes.  But I guess that it makes it even more sweeter when we are all together.

Happy birth
day, Sweet Delilah.  I look forward to many more celebrations with you, kiddo.