There aren’t many people I would drive five hours round trip on a Saturday for, but Jill is one of them.  And she’s getting married next month ( !!! ) so that was more than enough reason to make a trip to Boswell this weekend.

Jill and I have been friends since the first day we both moved into the 3rd floor dorm rooms in Dadisman Hall at WVU.  I remember stealing her Cosmo magazine and leaving a note to let her know (I think) on the first day there.  Somehow my thievery didn’t drive her away.  The next two years in Morgantown, we were roommates and I think once you live with someone you either hate them forever or are bonded together for eternity.

I’m speaking for the both of us…but I’m thinking we are the latter.

^^ Kat, Jill and me.  Friends / roommates / hell raisers since 2003.

The shower was wonderful, as I’d suspected it would be.  I’ve met Jill’s family several times now and I felt right at home being seated next to her Momma, Grandmas and Aunties.  They are all seriously the sweetest ladies ever. 

Wedding season is coming again, folks!  I’m super excited to watch my gorgeous friend walk down the aisle, marry the man of her dreams and be surrounded by all of the people who love her.

I’m bummed that I didn’t walk away with more and better pictures than I did.  Some idiot [me] doesn’t know how to use her own camera and had the ISO settings on some weird spot and half of the pictures were blurry or grainy.  Sorry Bean!

I am PUMPED for May.  Can’t wait to laugh, cry and dance the night away in celebration of the newlyweds.  Yay love and weddings!