In terms of blogging lately, I’ve been a major suckfest.  I’ll try harder.  Pinkie swear.
I’m trying to get back on that horse this week by joining Nicole and Meghan with my FAVS from this past week.  And boy do I have something to gush about!

Bennett’s ‘Meet Me in the Alley’ project is making headlines.  It’s AMAZING.  Friday, he was interviewed by our local network, WTRF, about what the project is and how it’s making waves in our community.  I’m out of control proud of him and seriously impressed with Bennett’s ability to keep it together and sound eloquent in an interview. 

I joked that now that he’s famous, I guess I’ll stick around and ride his fame all the way to the top.

And then on Wednesday, Bennett was invited to a local radio station to chat with the host, Sherrie McCutcheon Dunlevy, about MMitA.  I’m seriously bummed that I didn’t get to hear the interview but I’m sure it was perfection. 

Louis tagged along and got to put on headphones and sit behind a microphone as well.  I guess at the end of the interview, Sherrie asked Louis if he wanted to say anything and he excitedly leaned into the microphone and said, “Hi Momma!”  [heart melting]

photo (1)
[top image courtesy of Sherrie McCutcheon Dunlevy]

I’m really, super, out-of-control, uuber, ridiculously excited for and proud of Bennett and his photography.  He’s taking something so simple and making it a movement in our city.  Everywhere I look on Facebook anymore, people are talking about ‘Meet Me in the Alley’ or they have their new profile picture changed to the one he took of them…it’s awesome.

His email box is overflowing and that’s a good thing.  If you’re in the greater Ohio Valley area and want to jump on board, DO IT.  Seriously.  DOOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTT.  Be a part of the excitement in the Friendly City.

The heart and soul of the Ohio Valley is its people.